the initial point of

sound radiation


The coordinate system (SOK) is designed to determine the GPS coordinates of the devices creating an acoustic wave. It consists of four acoustic sensors and an information processing unit. The device allows to determine the azimuth of the origin of the acoustic signal with respect to the location of the sensors, the distance from the central sensor to the point of origin of the acoustic wave, and the GPS coordinates of the point of origin of the acoustic wave.
The device works in an autonomous mode and does not require maintenance. The received information is transmitted via GSM channels or other means of communication. .

Main characteristics.

- maximum detection

12000 m.

- accuracy of distance

less than 2 m.

- accuracy of determining
GPS coordinates

less than 2 m.

- range of sound

1 - 300 Hz

Structural diagram
of the system for determining
the coordinates of the initial point
of sound radiation.

Features of the SOK device

The SOK system has the property of building up devices according to the "pyramid" scheme, which allows closing large areas of research. The SOK system has an autonomous power supply that is charged from solar panels. Prior to the onset of an acoustic wave, the SOK system is in a standby mode in which it minimally consumes electrical energy.

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